Understanding Taxonomic Disorder

We investigate how values influence species classifications, how this affects the different uses to which these classifications are put, and how any problems caused by this value-ladenness may be resolved. This interdisciplinary project, involving biologists and philosophers, is funded by the Flemish Research Council.

Recent news

New paper out on the governance of taxonomic lists

This paper investigates how the governance of a global list of species could be organized. It concludes that both a polycentric and a monocentric approach are appealing, and lists the advantages and disadvantages of each of these approaches. The paper is free to download here.

Charles Pence’s Project on ‘Conceptual Uncertainty in Biodiversity and Taxonomy’

Charles Pence, who works (almost) across the road at Louvain-La-Neuve and has been a close collaborator in our research on taxonomic disorder, will be running a research project on ‘Conceptual Uncertainty in Biodiversity and Taxonomy’ starting from 2021 on. Charles’ project will analyze the taxonomic literature and look extensively at how taxon concepts and taxonomic…

Note: All photos of non-human animals on this website have been made by biologist / philosopher / photographer / friend of the project Frank Zachos. All photos of non-human plants have been made by Vincent Cuypers.