New publications on the governance of taxonomic lists.

Together with other members of the IUBS Working Group on the Governance of Taxonomic Lists, Stijn has published a new paper in ‘Organisms, Diversity and Evolution’. The paper sets out how users of a global taxonomic list can be involved in managing this list without compromising the integrity and independence of this list. The paper, which will be part of a special issue on the governance of taxonomic lists, is free to access here.

This table from the paper summarizes the roles users and taxonomists should play in the listing process. We argue that if users stick to these roles, they can influence the listing process without compromising the scientific integrity and legitimacy of the list.

Stijn also contributed to the introduction to the special issue, which is freely accessible as well. Check it out here for a clear introduction to the problem of taxonomic disorder, and why governance of species lists could help resolving it.

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