State of affairs

Various research lines are in full development: an update. One of our research lines consists of interviewing taxonomists, to investigate how theoretical entities like species concepts and taxonomic methods operate in practice. Arguably, something as a species concept is a living thing, as each taxonomist interprets and applies species concepts in his or her own…

Monthly meeting

Today, members of the project convened for the first (digital) meeting of 2021. We were happy to be joined by professor Charles Pence of the Université Catholique de Louvain, who is starting up an adjacent project in his lab on ‘Mapping and Responding to Taxonomic Disorder’. The main of the project, which is funded by…

Monthly Meeting

This Friday, 16 October, the project team convened for its monthly meeting. We discussed different research lines and had interesting discussions. One part of the project aims to use qualitative interviews with taxonomists to confront theoretical perspectives and discussions with the actual perceptions and opinions of active taxonomists. However, such social research faces some intricate…

Vincent Cuypers joins the project!

From september 2020 on, Vincent Cuypers will join the project as a PhD student based primarily at Hasselt University. With an undergrad in philosophy and a MA in Sustainable Development, Vincent is well equipped to take on the interview-part of the project.

Website launched!

We are excited to launch the project-website. Keep an eye on this site to stay up to date about new publications and initiatives.

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